Events in 2021
Date Event Club Results
21/02/2021 Grant Construction Knockhill Stages Border Ecosse CC  
20/03/2021 Mull Classic Rally Mull Car Club  
03/04/2021 Annabelle Tennant Memorial Stages Condor MSC  
10/04/2021 DCC Stages Dunfermline CC  
10/04/2021 Kames Spring Sprint East Ayrshire CC  
11/04/2021 DCC Junior Stages Dunfermline CC  
11/04/2021 Kames Spring Sprint East Ayrshire CC  
18/04/2021 Andy Wilson Memorial Autotest Glenrothes MSC  
24/04/2021 Moonless Navigational Rally Saltire Rally Club  
01/05/2021 Granite @ Leuchars Aberdeen & DMC  
01/05/2021 Granite @ Leuchars - Juniors Aberdeen & DMC  
01-02/05/2021 Berwick Classic Rally Berwick & DMC  
08/05/2021 Iain Pinkerton Memorial Sprint Scottish Sporting CC  
09/05/2021 Kames Sprint Scottish Sporting CC  
15/05/2021 Memorial Garden Stages Condor MSC  
05/06/2021 Golspie Sprint Caithness CC  
06/06/2021 Golspie Sprint Caithness CC  
12/06/2021 Summer Stages Glenrothes MSC  
10-11/07/2021 Mach 1 Stages Dunfermline CC  
18/07/2021 Errol Autosolo and Production Car Autotest Saltire Rally Club  
24/07/2021 Kames Sprint East Ayrshire CC  
25/07/2021 Kames Sprint East Ayrshire CC  
07/08/2021 UsedCarParts Solway Coast Rally Solway CC  
11/09/2021 Golspie Sprint Saturday Caithness CC  
12/09/2021 Golspie Sprint Sunday Caithness CC  
19/09/2021 Blue Door Dental Practice Doonhamer Classic Rally South of Scotland CC  
25/09/2021 Condor Stages Condor MSC  
03/10/2021 October All Forwards Autotest /Autosolo /PCA Saltire Rally Club  
23-24/10/2021 2020 GEMM 4x4 Mudmaster Navigational Trial BAMA/ SLROC  
06/11/2021 Kingdom Stages Glenrothes MSC  
13/11/2021 Saltire Classic Rally Saltire Rally Club  
20/11/2021 Annabelle Tennant Memorial Stages Condor MSC